14542832_mLife is more stronger than a fear, more bigger than a problem, more wider than a struggle, and it is more meaningful than a challenge. Unfortunately, today we have stopped thinking in these terms. Today’s world has redefined ‘Life’ as nothing more than a facebook canvas of selfies and portraits of destinations or activities one has taken. This canvas has more voice and loudness than life; which used to be a livelier experience of causal interactions and exchange.5937954_s

People have become more closed-book and configured their existence to Whats App jelly beans and tabs.  The amount of competitive stress that the small percentage of educated society takes is to showcase themselves as ‘happy-go-lucky’ people living and making earth a better place only in their illusionist world. 

Happiness is not enough in terms of a daily life where one can afford a reasonable living with few luxuries.  We are expanding our lives in a totally lost direction by letting ourselves succumb to our limit-less desires. 

When a person reaches that high point in life where he or she has achieved everything what one desired for, a sudden cloud of emptiness surmounts them and makes them feel lonely and un-noticed. This saddening feeling drains so much of potential energy of the mind that it starts influencing us in a negative manner.

sky-stars-wallpaperRather our intellect taking charge of our mind our mind starts to dominate our intellect. Its like we have casted a self-possessed spell on ourselves .  Hence, the mind provokes the intellect to take drastic steps like suicide, consume drags, over dose of sleeping pills etc. 

Such an advancement of a high-tech world has corrupted the human psychology, behaviour patterns, and most importantly corrupted the motivation to live-on inspite of fears, challenges or failed-relationships; which brings a person to the brink of giving-up on its life. 

It isn’t surprising anymore to hear the news of genius brains committing suicide – a self-induced crime. It is the calculation of their mind which plays games with them they sub-consciously define their existence and rate themselves on the scale of embarrassment – in their own-eyes only. 

416923-travelYes, you, me, we know and they know that giving-up is not the solution, but we give-up anyways. We have stopped deriving and refilling our souls with the inspiration of those ceaseless souls who did not even give up their last breadth without fighting for rights, independence – sometimes for their countries or for other slave communities. Their lives were no less threatened but they had the fighting spirit to win over their battle for the right or for the justice.  

On the other hand, we have contradicted their fight and struggle by dissolving our own lives for mere un-fulfilled desires or embarrassed moments because we do not – not want others to see anything else accept our prim & proper, smart, noble side of our lives. We have become so conscious that we want to showcase our world to others completely distinct from flawlessness. 

Hence, this kind of behaviour and perception is on the raise; which only highlights our inner-weaknesses. We intend to brush it under the carpet everyday, and continue to live in a self-delusioned world. We are too ashamed to face our calculative intellect, where other’s perception is highly important for our existence.

We struggle to maintain a false image to receive others’ appreciation or praises. We have minimized our life’s potential to a cocoon of “what others think of us”. This is extremely important to us. Rather than standing tall in the face of rejection, failure and mistakes; which only brings us closer to the climb of courage and potential hope that help us do the repair works again.

tibetan_flags_at_annapurna_base_camp_4200m__himalaya__nepal__2-1least we should try one hundred times to lift ourselves again and again…and again, so what if we made mistakes. If we have a realization that we have committed a mistake or a sin then get-up, repair, resolve, take counselling, face your fears, and stop feeling ashamed of taking the right steps now, rather than giving up your life in hast.

Be merciful, kind and generous to yourself first then only will you be able to absorb the above mentioned as a realistic attempt. Let’s take care of ourselves then can we think of others and what they think of us!

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