prayer-flags-smallEvery thought which we bring into action we knit each in a thread of expectation, whether consciously or sub-consciously. That does not mean we are creating a mistake, it is normal to expect basic courtesies, humble gestures, basic mannerisms which we have all learnt in our childhood. Which we still believe in inculcating in generation after generation; but when it comes upon an individual’s choice things are not that simple as they should be.

We know that every individual develops its own perception in expressing their gestures in a given situation. Which may not necessarily match our point of view…in other words our expectations. Hence we create a mirage of expectation.

kepler-2-suns1Another aspect is that many of us create a collage of expectations which may rationally, or logically stand out to be right in our outlook but to the other individual it may still not be justified; due to his or her outlook. It is here when the collision of thoughts begin.  

In either case we bind ourselves to “expectation”. We conclude the end result of any given situation on the basis of our thoughts and expectations. Definitely it’s not a wrong way or thing to do, that is how the mind works. And it (the mind) is working constantly without a break.

buddha3Now our role becomes even more important, rather than letting the mind control our every action we should start controlling our mind. We are the rulers of our mind not the other way around. No matter how much you want to share logic or offer truth in its simplest form if the other person is not willing to accept it you cannot force anyone to conclude the end result correctly. 

Sometimes the other side feels comfortable living in a mirage image rather may have become habitual of riding the boat of escapism. It is not the person(s) fault; they have  a misconception about themselves that they cannot face the reality, they feel they are weak and define their weakness in the form of sensitivity, giving it a complete opposite meaning to the word.

In such scenarios one should learn to control the mind –  we shouldn’t rush-in to sort out matters or miscommunication immediately, as the other person is in fear, rigid to face and does not wish to talk-out and sort-out the misconceptions.  We need to give time-out and space for a few days perhaps.

Still if the person does not open up, least now you are in a matter frame of mind (calmer and fore-sighted) to start an healthy communication, with a positive approach, because you don’t want to burn the bridges but even strengthen it better than before.  

To pull someone out from dwelling-in, in their pool of ‘mirage of false beliefs’, you need to follow a flow-chart of peaceful approach without losing your own focus and temperament.  The other person(s) will soon or later realize your intentions and the worth of having a true well-wisher in you.

What kind of approach we take that matters alot, to break the mirror of mirage of different kinds of expectations. 

Thank you for reading, good day!




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