13219370_s‘Comparison’ when used in distinguishing quality or quantity then it proves to be beneficial. It’s a quick and smart move to do so, helps ease pop-up doubts. Definitely Comparison is constructive when used in making choices whether for a better job, for a better profile, for vacation-destinations, restaurants, clothes, accessories and so-on!

Yet, it is not constructive when it is used to differentiate in terms of relations and life itself. Rather it becomes a slow and silent self-destructive process. It is like setting up a time bomb which will explode everything you own – your sub-consciousness, intuition, power to judge, sense of passion & compassion and most importantly the soul – you.

As much as we like to compare ourselves, our lives with others we reach nowhere. Why is this pattern getting repeated day in and out, because we have forgotten that we are unique in every aspect – nature, height, weight, colour, culture, region, or in terms of qualities. Why should it scare us to not be the same?  

There might be a thousand (leave a million a side) artists – painters, some successful and some not so successful. So does the less successful lose out the privilege to live on planet earth??? When creativity and earth’s crust is not the same anywhere on the globe then just take a moment and rethink what wrong you expected of yourself by constant comparison.

We allow ourselves to fall prey to comparison when we feel inferior or superior(which anyways boils down to inferiority) to others, either ways it is a sign that we don’t respect and love ourselves. 

Today we are living in the times where we can easily shop anything from any where on the face of the earth with just one click away. So, if anything is deeply missing deep inside is not the simple desire but self-nourishment, self-appreciation, love for myself first, respect for who ‘i’ am, that self-respect which we have replaced with arrogance and ego.

Yes, in today’s time we are consciously practicing “ignorance is bliss” in relationships not only with others but with ourselves as well. What we really want, is what we are constantly letting go of  – the reality, letting go of self-reflection.

Self-reflection is the only solution and a easy way out to help prevent ourselves from self-destruction. Only a tiny percent of global population might have gone for a global-tour, or yet going for space-travel, yet non can travel beyond the black hole without a purpose;-)

So why bother so much, why burn your blood so much, brood un-necessarily…so much. Why can’t we use all our energy and available resources to the fullest and replenish them with more optimism by just trying for 200 times. Why should the self (I) be embarrassed of falling, failing, being rejected or defeated. Our true victory lies in showing will-power and our maturity in accepting a failure or simply a defeat. SO WHAT!!

Nothing last for long in people’s minds, they easily get bored and forget quickly. That is why every media house works up crazily to remain steady in earning TRPs, hence what can one expect from such a vast minority of people ;-), in whose minds we can only last perhaps even as a joke; not more than a few hours or a day maximum.

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If I still wish, desire and want to compare myself then it should be comparing myself with me that of yesterday and today…what all i have done and what all better and better i can still try or do IT TODAY AND TOMORROW! 

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