Love is priceless, beyond a solitaire or Jacobs’diamond. Why it has still been scientifically un-measurable because it exists beyond the physical dimensions of our world, may be that is why it’s still in the air!

kepler-2-suns1Love admires a beautiful clear-crystal heart. It journeys its way beyond the attraction of eyes. This is the reason why love is known to be destined to touch a soul. Love never day-dreams, it is as accurate as time, very much realistic, logical or rational, whatever way you would wish to sum it up.

Its characteristics are beyond comparison and limitations of a narrow ‘thinking-path’ because love knows the art of balancing – equally, not in one relationship rather in all relationships. Love is neither ignorant nor arrogant, it never flaunts itself in thin air of careless freedom as it knows how to respect various kinds of personalities.

The trick, skill or art you may call – to imply your judgement on Love, is to have a plain & clean mind with not only optimistic thoughts but good wishes too, un-conditioning the heart with the right attitude which develops only by lightness in thoughts.

No wonder why, generation after generation of poets and philosophers – throughout the world have described the sculpture of love beyond the tools of attraction and attachment. Perhaps that is how it has managed to retained its beauty.

Love is not a fable, where only a few hand full of fortunate or lucky-ones receive it. Every soul existing on the face of the earth is an inherent of love because its original form is a compilation of peace, bliss and love.

Love can be concise, deep, wide or warm if it wants to be. Beyond the parameters of words, actions and sound it simply rests beneath the magnum of pure feelings.

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